The RACE Conversation in America

The past few weeks have been filled with lots of turmoil and tension between Black America and White America. From the Police shootings at various locations to the mysterious lynching of a African American in Atlanta the day after a KKK Rally. America has been going through major tough times even leading back to the Orlando Shootings not too long before all of the current drama. These tough times have sparked several real and raw conversations about race. How scared are we to discuss the obvious differences when it comes to race? Even when I was in school, the topic of race seemed to be one that happened to make many peoples blood bubble. Not only does the topic of race itself spark several emotions with some but also just the simple acknowledgement of African American contributions to this society. Why does it seem like no one wants to acknowledge our contributions? I’ve seen several debates on social media from both Black and White individuals. Some obviously speak from their prejudice heart and others speak from a place of wanting peace and a better understanding of what it is truly like to be Black in America. I personally want to thank all of the BLACK AND WHITE individuals who are standing together to see real change in America. Sometimes change can only come when we are HONEST about where we are at in life. America is definitely at a place where covered up issues have now been exposed but still it seems some Americans refuse to see whats really happening and refuse to believe the facts. The facts can be laid out so plain and simple and in black and white but it seems some Americans create their own facts to try to better their small minded opinions. I’m not going to get deep into the cases that have come up in the last couple of weeks but I am going to say that it is important to have conversations about race. You may not live in an area like I do where you cut the racial tensions with a knife but you still need to be educated and aware of whats going on.

Published by cliverman

Chris Liverman is a writer from North Carolina currently majoring in English at Elizabeth City State University. Liverman has been featured on AVA Radio with Jacqueline Jax and American Pride Magazine in 2016.

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