Raven Symone to leave The View

Child Star and current view panelist, Raven Symone, recently announced on The View that her beloved TV series, That’s so Raven, will be making a return to our TV screens at home. Raven told the view audience that she’s mainly been on the panel on Friday’s because she’s  been working behind the scenes, getting the show together. She will be acting as the Executive Producer for the series. Symone gave a quick rundown of what the show will consist of. Raven is returning to the show but this time around she will be a single mother of two children, one who will develop psychic abilities like her mother. They are currently under the casting process and there is no word whether veterans, Kyle Massey, Orlando Brown, or Anneliese Van De Pol will return to the show. Sadly, Raven will be departing from The View panel later this year to focus on the series reboot.