Some Positives That Came from a Dark Election

Yes, everyone can breathe now! The Election is finally over… Let’s try to move on!! The past few months have been filled with endless hate and confusion. whether it was over what many felt to be racism or political division, this election knocked all of us out. Whether you did or didn’t get the outcome you wanted, there is something to be thankful for and some light to this tunnel.

If your like me, you don’t really pay that much attention to every single thing that goes on during the election. You hear a couple of things, give your opinion. You watch a debate here and there and call it a night. You vote and take action when the time come and you wait for the outcome…. pretty simple right?  Hey, you might even have a little Facebook fight or two but you get the picture.

I think a majority of us can agree that this was a pretty dark election. Underlying issues in America certainly came to light. Political change was a priority for many voters not wanting the same results from previous elections. There was some good that I noticed came from the election.

Lets forget the Presidential part of the election..

Lets look at some state and local outcomes…




Illhan Omar was elected the First Female Somali American Lawmaker for Minnesota! Omar ran against Mohamud Noor. Congratulations!


Kamala Harris was elected into the U.S Senate representing California and will take office January 2017.

These are just a small few positives that came from the election. It may have been very dark for most of America but we have to remember the good always out ways the bad. Stay positive America! Keep praying! Keep believing! We are stronger together!

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