New Years Resolutions

This year has gone by just like the rest.. very quickly. Time doesn’t really wait for anyone which is why everyone has to seize every moment that comes their way. This year was really a trying year for me mentally, physically, and spiritually.  Each year brings it struggles, tests, and trials. Not only does it brings a host of struggles, but it also brings a ton of victories as well. At the beginning of each year, we see people post a grocery list of things they plan on conquering during the New Year on Facebook and other social media outlets.

Each year brings a host of New Year resolutions that many often don’t keep. It really annoys me to see on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all of the bullshit people want to list as goals and never even start. I’ve noticed something about us as human beings. We love to sound good on social media!  We love to post quotes and fancy goals making our lives seem important and better than other people but the sad thing is that if you look at the percentage of people who actually finish what they said they were going to start and do, it’s very small.

Why do we love to sound good on Facebook? We want people to come scroll through our pages and see our bullshit for the month of January. If you happen to come to my page this year, you won’t see a DAMN THING! You wanna know why? I’m taking accountability for my own life and stepping out and doing the things I know God’s giving me the potential to do. I’m not going to waste anymore data writing bullshit to make myself sound smart on Facebook. It’s worthless. Instead of writing this stuff on social media, I’m just gonna do it. I’m not gonna sit here and write and post quotes and stuff about how this year is going to be different knowing that I’m not going to align my way of thinking with what I believe. You know what happens when you don’t align your way of thinking with what you believe? NO RESULTS!

Yeah, so do everyone a favor.. Take action this year. Writing what you want to happen is only part of the process. Writing what you believe isn’t for the world to see, it’s for you. You go ahead and write your vision and make it plain for you to see. Then align your thinking with what you believe. It’s not over… you have to take action next! This year I would love to see a significant amount of people’s goals and dreams come to life. It’s not that wise to be telling any and everybody, what you want to do anyway. For all my bible scholars, look at the life of Joseph. I’m not a preacher, so don’t expect me to go into it, read it for yourself.

Let’s recap: Instead of making yourself sound smart and feel important this year, just do it! It will make your haters even angrier this year! 🙂