Bloom’s Got the Juice

Orlando Bloom, known for his role in Pirates of the Caribbean, has been under fire lately for his very promiscuous behavior over the past few weeks. Recently, reports have surfaced of Bloom having a one night stand with a employee name Vivian Ross at the Chiltern Firehouse in London. According to The Sun,  Vivian Ross is an 21 year old aspiring actress who worked at the hotel. Allegedly, the hotel manager found Ross in the bedroom after Bloom left. Ross was terminated shortly after via text message from the manager.  Sources say that Ross was ‘hurt’ after her dismissal from the hotel.

Ross had a role in a independent film, One Shot Left, which came out in January 2017. You can check out a clip below.

This leaves many wondering  how the manager got word that Ross was in the room with Bloom?  Why did  Bloom leave the woman in the room he paid for by herself? Wouldn’t this be a matter of security if something horrible happened to Bloom? Most importantly, would this be grounds for termination? 

Vivian Ross; Instagram

Last year, Fans got to see Bloom  nude while Paddleboarding with on a his ex, Katy Perry,  in Italy. Allegedly, at Bloom’s birthday party, thrown by Katy Perry, guests could take a picture with the nude photo of Bloom. Would you be OK with your girlfriend letting your guests see your goods at your birthday party? Sound off below!