Kardashian Says “I’ve changed for the better”

In an interview with Bravo TV Executive, Andy Cohen, Kim Kardashian- West was asked about her recent horrific experience in Paris. Kardashian feels that the event truly changed her life. Cohen brought up the fact that he interviewed Kim before she headed off to Paris and was eventually robbed.

You can see a piece of her interview with Cohen on Watch What Happens Live from last year below:

During tonight’s interview, Cohen pointed out that Kim was not wearing any jewelry and that he was wearing more than her. This led to more questioning on how the Paris experience changed her life. Kardashian said that she wouldn’t trade the moment for the world and that she doesn’t regret the experience. Kim feels that she is more grounded and has her priorities straight now. According to Kim, she’s not as involved with social media as she use to be. Although Kim didn’t exactly elaborate a lot on how she’s changed, Cohen and the audience seem to agree.

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Eva Rinaldi; Image Source