Are Male Rompers Threatening Masculinity?

People have been going crazy over the male romper debate that has brewed over the last couple of weeks. Ever since reports came out about the male rompers potentially being in this summer, women in particular, have begun to voice their opinions on whether their men should wear rompers.

Of course, the LGBT community is in full support of the movement but it seems that heterosexual couples are not in favor. Interestingly enough, these individuals feel that their masculinity would go out the window if they were seen wearing a male romper.

The whole debacle began with ACED Design who created a male version of the romper. Surprisingly, the male romper comes with a zipper fly for peeing.

Of course, many have different opinions on men wearing rompers. Some are completely against the idea while others are OK. Of those that are OK with the idea of the male rompers, they believe that only certain men could successfully pull off the look. A number of feminist find the idea of a male romper, offensive.

The most interesting idea to come out of this whole debate is not concerning the question of whether men should wear rompers but more along the lines of masculinity.

Is society threatened by the idea of  their “manly men” incorporating feminine ideals into their ever day lifestyle?

Are men wearing rompers the big issue here? Or is it men losing their masculinity?

I’m sure we all have seen Tweets, Facebook posts, and Instagram posts from our friends and family on the debate. I’ve seen some people I follow on Instagram say things like, “My husband better not even think about coming home in a romper.”

Most of the comments come from married women who are use to their man behaving a certain way and if he even thinks about changing, it’s over! To some women, this is worse than their man having an affair.

Believe it or not, some women are actually saying that they could never forgive their man for walking through the front door with a romper on. Yes, wearing a romper is officially a sin! Not literally, but some are treating it as such.

Claire Fallon, a writer for the Huffington Post, shared her views with readers on the male romper.

A man’s manhood requires constant signaling and buttressing to remain secure. Men who step out of line are derided as emasculated and sexually confused. For men to reap the benefits of a gender-neutral world, we rely on verbal tricks that only reinforce the gender-normative stereotypes that keep men boxed in. The real progress will be made when men can drink rosé in a romper without a single batted eyelash or “bro” prefix.

Is a man’s masculinity threatened if they indulge in feminine like products? Is society too hard on men when it comes down to what is considered masculine or feminine?

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ACED Designs; Image Source
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