Should Gal Gadot Get More Money From ‘Wonder Woman’?

Wonder Woman greatly warmed the hearts of many viewers around the world. Women felt more empowered with this first female superhero movie. Fans were certainly pleased with actress, Gal Gadot’s, delivery of the Amazonian Princess but now people are upset with the amount of money Gadot actually made from the movie.

Gal Gadot, reportedly, only made $300,000 from this movie which grossed $600 Million at the box office.

Although Fans were greatly upset from the report, Gadot wasn’t angry at all by what she made.

Gadot told TMZ, ” I’m grateful and happy.”

We have to remember that Gal Gadot almost quit acting before landing the role in the movie so we can certainly understand her being extremely grateful. According to Vanity Fair, entry level actors are usually paid an initial rate.

Director, Patty Jenkins will return and is already working on the sequel.

Gadot’s lawyers are gearing up for renegotiation’s for the upcoming sequel.

A lot of fans want to see The Cheetah and Dr. Psycho as the villains for the next movie.

Should Gadot have made more? Share your thoughts!

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Chris Liverman is a writer from North Carolina currently majoring in English at Elizabeth City State University. Liverman has been featured on AVA Radio with Jacqueline Jax and American Pride Magazine in 2016.

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