Staying Safe During 4th Of July

July has finally come around again!

You know what that means don’t you? Independence Day!

Liz West: Image source

This means a host of public and private gatherings,  cookouts,  and public entertainment for those who wish to part take in celebrating America’s birthday.

We might as well admit to ourselves that in occasions like this, there will most certainly be alcohol consumption, especially in private gatherings.

Being that it’s the Independence Day,  fireworks are a must have in this celebration!

We’re talking about the main event that everyone has come out to watch, so of course it has to go out with a BANG!

pexels-photo (1)

Not the kind of “BANG” that results in you going to the hospital either.

According to the  United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, most injuries that happened around  the 4th of July consist of 69% burns with the most afflicted areas being the hands and fingers at 33%, heads, faces, & ears at 28%, legs at 18%, trunks and other at 12%, eyes at 9%, and arms at 8%.

To insure that this doesn’t happen at your event, here are some firework safety tips:

Do not let children tamper with fireworks.  Always have an adult supervise the activities involving fireworks.

Never leave your body directly exposed to a firework while lighting it. Be sure to keep a safe distance after lighting.

Never try to reuse or pick up a slightly active firework. The firework may still be very warm causing damage to your skin.

Do not point or throw fireworks at other people. Fireworks can be very dangerous and harmful, causing damage to the eyes and serious and permanent burns.

Always have accessible water nearby for emergency fires. You should always pour water over fireworks that have previously been used before throwing into the trash to prevent a fire.

Celebrate_Safely_body_injuries_2017_0 (1)
United States Consumer Product Safety Commision: Image Source

With these good tips in mind your celebration should go smoothly with no interruptions and best of all, no one gets hurt!

To celebrate Independence Day, please enjoy these various variations of the National Anthem:


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