Opposite Society Set On Putting Elizabeth City On The Map


The current young generation of Elizabeth City is certainly eager to step out and make a name for themselves. Opposite Society is not shy when it comes down to voicing their sharp opinions and making a name for themselves.

The Suites had the chance to have a conversation with some of the members of the group to see what they are about.

1. What is Opposite Society? How did it start?
Opposite Society is a group of young individuals that want to live their life the way they want too. Everyone has their own type of craft and we explore every type.
Opposite Society started in 2015 with just 9 people. The 9 people are considered the heads of the group and are called the OGs because of everything they have created for our younger members.
2. Some people consider you to be a movement. Would you say the same and why?
People tend to call us a movement but we normally only agree with that statement half way. We love when people grab inspiration from us and go out do what they want to do because that’s what our message to society is. Do what you want to do, not what somebody else wants you do to. If people think of us as a movement then that’s a great start.
3. What’s an ordinary day like for Opposite Society?
An ordinary day for Opposite Society consist of trying to find something to do in our city that nobody else has done. We meet up, think of plan, then run through our city trying new things. Our objective every time we meet is what can we conquer today and that’s daily.
4. You do a lot on YouTube. What made you all want to go on YouTube?
YouTube is like TV for us in the Society. Pretty sure everyone in OS watches YouTube daily and more than actual TV because its just rich in knowledge and categories. We decided in 2015 to start doing YouTube but back then we were a gaming clan on XBOX so the type of videos we wanted to create was gaming commentary, voice overs, and trolls but when broke out of the stage of being home on XBOX all day, we started to go out and do crazy things, like ride on the top of moving cars, fighting, racing, exploring, and more. Then we just edited that and put it on YouTube.
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Opposite Society
5. You all seem like you have a lot of fun together. How is the bond between all of you?
The bond between us is crazy strong because we all basically grew up together during high school. We protected each other, ate together, and played school soccer together. The bond just kept getting strobe and stronger and is still is today. We all got our own problems but we know how keep each other up and move on.
6. In one of your videos, you diss the police a few times. Why do you feel like the police don’t deserve the respect that they demand?
We actually have a lot of respect for the police. We say “fuck 12” because of the system. You get caught up one time over anything, they can let you continue your life with freedom or put you in a box for how many years they can get you with. we have a lot of respect for the people risking their lives everyday but we have no respect for the system.
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Opposite Society
7. How do you all find fun things to do in such a small city?
Our city is extremely small so no there is almost nothing to do fun except using our heads to create a fun moment. We do what we can to have fun, illegally or legally. All the fun in our videos was either created by us or somehow we found something in the city that was fun already but we are going hard to rep our city and put it on the map.
8. Are you all trying to make Elizabeth City more publicly known? Do you feel like Elizabeth City is not as publicly known as it could be?
Our overall goal is teach kids to be themselves and build our city’s name up. I think Elizabeth City should host car meets, small concerts, and fashion shows. I think they should build a skate park for the people here that want to skate without getting kicked out a stores parking lot because of loitering.
9. What do you think it would take for Elizabeth City to become more interesting for the people that live here?
I think the culture of Elizabeth City would be more interesting if more people went out and did the stuff they’d like to do in life. There are so many unknown fashion brands, music creators,  and designers. There are even more that no one knows about because people are scared to show their work to the public. I think if we all loved our work and collaborated, the whole city would wake up from its hibernation that its been in forever.
10. How involved are you in the community?  How do you plan to use your movement to affect your city?
We involve ourselves with the underground movements rather than the city community only because we want to build with the underground culture and rise to the community slowly and together. We have very strong supporters from both types of communities which is great for us and we are thankful.
11. Where do you see Opposite Society in the future?
Opposite Society in the future will be more creative and homegrown. Strictly from this city and only this city. We will have the city on the map and we have the people here to rep the culture of the underground because we will all rise together one day and make an impact on someone that we haven’t yet.
12. Anyone you want to shout out or give special thanks to?

Shout out to VisionaireMinds and Funqswa!!!! Shout out to all our supporters reading this, we here because of you guys! 252 will be there one day, we got this.

Opposite Society 
Opposite Society 
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Opposite Society 
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