The Sixth Sense

We all are aware of the five senses, but when I became a little older and started to date I later found out that women possess a sixth sense.

I firmly believe that when God created women, he instilled in all of them a special gift of discernment. No matter how much I’ve tried to contradict this special sense, 9 times out of 10, they are usually spot on when making their assumptions!

Millions of men, including myself,  have tried to out smart this secret weapon that women are able to use at their disposal. On a daily basis men fail to overcome they’re smart wit and they’re sharp intuition and we end up falling on our face and knees while begging for their forgiveness.

I believe that God and women have a special connection when it comes down to us men trying to sneak around behind their backs to do our dirt. Even though some of us may get away with our mess for a little while, I can honestly speak from experience and say that it’s only a matter of time before we are caught.

When I was out here doing my thing , running the streets and creeping around with different women, I actually believed that I was good at what I was doing and it became fun in not getting caught.

It was like a game and I constantly told myself that my wife would never find out.

When I finally was caught and things calm down in my household, I asked my wife at the time, “how did you know?”

She would then respond with the most craziest answer, like your shower time increase, or you used a different cologne.

I know now that it doesn’t matter how much you try to camouflage your deceptive ways, a women will always notice the slightest change in her guy no matter how small the change maybe.

My advice to all men is to be honest and upfront with yourself first!

If you aren’t ready for a commitment then just stay by yourself. Don’t try to involve an innocent heart, when you know you aren’t going to treat her right. That makes us a coward when we want to cause hurt for no reason just because we feel like we can get away with a few indecent acts.

Ask yourself the same question that I asked myself when I was stepping out on my wife and family. Are you the type of man that you would approve your daughter to date?

You can read more on my story in my upcoming book, It Happened, It Hurt, Now What? set to release on October 27, 2017!

Remember to catch me right here EVERY MONDAY leading up to my release on October 27th!



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