Baggage Check

I can’t imagine anyone wanting to spend life alone in this world because having the right person in your life can be such a joy. However, we have to be mature enough to perform a baggage check before we can invite another person into our lives. No one wants to constantly deal with your old skeletons that you had the opportunity to handle before proceeding with a new relationship.

Now, you are listening to a person who didn’t always check his bags before taking flight into another relationship. Before me and my ex-wife were even divorced, I decided to dive into another relationship. Of course, I didn’t perform any self inventory on myself.

I was totally blinded by something “new and fresh.” In my mind I actually thought that those two qualities would actually fix what was wrong with me.

After a period of almost 5 years in the “new and fresh” a lot of the issues that I decided not to tackle prior to, started to really take over my relationship. The sad thing about this whole situation was, we BOTH didn’t check our baggage.

Here we have 2 people with unresolved issues from the past, trying to make something “new and fresh” work and we both ended up wasting years on something that should have never happened in the first place.

I’ve learned some hard lessons in this short life of mine and I’m pretty sure I have some more to learn, but not in this particular subject. For now, I’m still single and I’m not rushing to be in a relationship at all, but I am taking the time to go through all my bags, and removing the unnecessary items, so when that right time comes for me to fly again, I can do it without all the added weight.

God’s Love should be the foundation to any new relationship that wants a happy home. Remember, just because you are moving into a new home (relationship) doesn’t mean you have to bring everything with you that you once had in storage. Remember you can’t carry old habits into a new season. Check your Baggage!

You can read more in my new book, It Happened, It Hurt, Now What? set to release October 27, 2017!!




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