Elizabeth City’s Ghostly Maiden: Nell Crospey

Walking down her spiral steps, she meets her fate. The man she trusted did not love her. Rage and jealousy filled the arms and fists of Jim. A hit to the skull with a steel bat. As she falls down the steps her head reveals a large gash with brain and skull fragments showing. Jim anguished by fear tries to cover his homicide with ice. Too bad ice can’t bring back the dead. Her father is to return soon what shall he do? To keep her in the house and go under for murder or hide behind his lies. Wrapping her body in a pink lace cloth, he noticed her eyes were gazed open and staring at him. The once lovely blue eyes have now been taken over by a cloudy mist. Jim hurries quickly to wrap her body. His second option was to take her some where and hope it’s the last place anyone would look. The Pasquotank River seemed like the best idea. A mile to the river he carried the body. The body cold and lifeless weighs on his shoulder. At the edge of the dock the fair maiden dives with the steel bat only to never come up. Without any tears or remorse, Jim walks away only to applaud himself for the burden he got rid of. Walking away from the river cold chills run up and down Jim’s body. Although he has let go of the fair maiden, she had not. Looking down at his blood filled hands he only smiles. He enters the house and the atmosphere is heavy. He must now clean his crime in hopes of not being captured. He throws away all his blood filled clothes and washes his bloody hands. The Crospey family was devastated by the disappearance of their dear Nell. Twenty-eight days went by and the fair maiden had rose from her watery grave. Her body was found floating in the river. She was now ready for revenge. Newcomers to her home at 1901 Riverside Avenue started witnessing strange events. Nell was said to walk the halls of the house and scream. Some say Nell is replaying what truly happened to her in her home. She has been seen on multiple occasions and those who live there only stay for a couple months. Her presence is so intense in the home that most visitors witness a sickening feeling and pressure on their chests. However, Nell’s victims are not other homeowners but rather Jim. Jim was never questioned as a victim and was trying to become famous off her disappearance. Jim suddenly started to feel extreme guilt. Nell was constantly appearing in his dreams. She was not satisfied until Jim had paid the ultimate price with his life. Jim killed himself, and the people trying to work with Jim died as well in a car accident. Nell wasn’t going to have the perpetrator and his assistants lie. Her other family members started to die as well. Some say that there is a curse that comes with Nell’s death. If you want to ask her take a walk down Riverside Avenue, and she may just be sitting there waiting!

Nell Cropsey; North Carolina State Archives



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