Sam’s Nightmare

On a cold, winter night Sam was reading a book on reoccurring nightmares. His parents were both working late tonight. The house felt vacant even though it was decorated for a family of four. The house was so quiet that a mouse could be heard eating. Reading a book he finds himself nodding off to sleep. The reoccurring dream is happening once more.
Sam sees a room that looks to be on fire.
He hears what seems to be women crying for help. Running down the long, mold filled hallway, Sam is unable to reach the door. The dream has stunted his movements. The door suddenly turns charred and when he is finally able to go inside, it’s full of charred flesh, bones and grins. Everyone for some reason is smiling though burnt alive. Then the room starts to catch fire again and Sam is consumed by the flames. He screams “STOP! STOP!” But the flames are taking over while the charred, dead laughs at him.
Waking up from the terrible nightmare dripping in sweat and smelling like smoke. He is caught off guard. He is confused by the ashes spread on his white shirt. He hops out of bed and starts to check the house manically. As he is running down the steps his mom yells”why are you running?” He then proceeds to tell his mom how he thought he was on fire. His mom laughs dramatically and calls him a nutcase. Sam is struck mad by this dream. The dream happens every night and Sam doesn’t even want to go back to sleep. He decides to go for a stroll downtown. He hops on his bike and hits the sidewalk. He waves at his neighbors who looked at him in a frightening way. His neighbors could see death clinching to Sam’s body. He shakes it off like nothing happened. Then suddenly he notices a man laying on the ground with a hoody. It looks as if the man needs help. Sam walks over to the man and says “are you ok sir?” The man look up and said sure I’ll be even better when you join me in hell. Sam was taken aback by the man’s response and when the man looked up with a charred smile, Sam panicked and said what do you want from me? The man laughed as Sam fell into tears running away, leaving his bike.
Sam busts through his house door and rushes up stairs to his room. He is afraid to fall asleep tonight so he takes some pills that will keep him up. Sitting on his bed, pondering what to do next makes Sam a nervous wreck. The night is finally here and Sam’s parents leave again. He thinks about the charred man he saw when riding his bike. Then suddenly Sams hears partying going on downstairs, he is scared because no one should be home. He opens his bedroom door to see that his house walls were covered with mold. He thinks his dream is happening again, only this time he is awake. Sam wishes he never took the pills. He also sees the charred people that had been in his dream. They ask him to join and Sam screams “Get out! This is not real!” He tries go back to his room but there is no door. The charred people are partying in a circle of fire. The women are yelling not because of pain but celebration of a new soul. Sam realizes his fate is with the hell ridden people of his house. One of the charred people stared Sam in the eyes and burned his eyes out. Sam didn’t scream but took his fate. He was set on fire by the charred people his body hit the ground and his jaw broke off. Now Sam’s soul is apart of the charred people and his flesh fed to the Devils dog.

Sam’s parents return seeing his charred door says “now off to adopt another one to sacrifice for the devil.”



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