Teach to Kill

“These days are long and tedious, the hot day is melting the soles of my feet,” stated Claire. Walking along the crooked path of cement or gratification. Walking into a building with dread and remorse waiting at the door. The two dark colored figures with eyes blacker than tar. This figures replicate Claire’s soul. Oh how bad does Claire love this place? Walking into a room more like a cemetery. The desks are headstones engraved with each person’s date. The date is unknown whether it be death or life.

“Good morning class”stated the professor. The professor thin with sunken eyes, skin that resembles rotten flesh, and teeth dark as dirt. Today’s lesson will be how to wreck your soul. The professor stated that all it take is a little effort. He starts by saying. You don’t need to be nice. You should beat the brains from your best friend and take their body to a chop shop. That there my friend gets the blood boiling. The entire class laughs at the professor. Wrecking your soul is more than grimly actions sometimes they must be psychological. Sometimes you must torment yourself and become crazy. Some would say to perform water torture while most enjoyed sitting in complete darkness for 2 weeks.

Claire now believes that this school is not bad. She can settle for beating the heads of those she love. After an hour in class Claire has made her mind up to kill her Mom, dad and baby sister. Maybe Claire shouldn’t have come to this school but it’s the only school for her kind. After school Claire goes to the store to get some supplies for the fascinating night she is about to have with her family. Little do they know their terrible fate but Claire could care less.

Claire checks her list: bat, gyspy poison, a check knife, and large garbage bags. Walking home Claire is more than excited to start the tormenting. Approaching the doorsteps of 1616 blade lane. Claire walks in the door, and place her items neatly on the countertop. Her mom and the baby are going to come home first. She is happy because they are the easiest target. She goes upstairs and place the bat in the bathroom. By that time her mom is walking in the house. “ Hi Claire” stated her mom. Claire went silent and said mom the bathroom shower isn’t working… can you help? Oh Claire that’s a job for your dad, but I can try. Walking up the steps both Claire and her mom enters the bathroom. She bends down to observe the drain, when suddenly Claire came crashing across her mom head with the wooden bat. Her mom fall unconscious. Claire then began filling the tub with water , and stabs her mother repeatedly until she looks like a tenderized lamb chop. Her little sister is downstairs crying. The crying baby is no match for Claire bare hands. Grabbing the baby by the legs and swinging it round and round. Claire the whole time is singing “Die baby Die, I won’t wipe your weeping eyes!!” Claire is now ready for her dad to meet his fate. Coming in through the side door Claire’s father calls for her mom. Claire tells her dad that mom isn’t here. Claire offers her father some juice. He takes the juice and after a minute he starts to gag. His veins an inch thick off his head. He falls and Claire makes her move. She takes the knife and decapitate her father’s head. She chops off all his limbs as if he she is in the slaughter house. Satisfied with the killings Claire takes three bags and put the remaining body parts in a bag.

The next night Claire throws the bag in the Muddy River, no tears or remorse. Claire kept the hearts of her family members as trophies.

When the next school day arrives Claire is excited to tell her professor the good deed he taught her to do. Her soul is wrecked and so is mind. She will now spend time trying to stay alive!


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