The Cursed Medallion

Hector was an unusual person. He wore black everyday and only ate his food extremely rare. When he walks down the street many people try not to come intocontact. Many believe he is an occult leader working for the devil. He holds on to a thick Medallion it’s engraved with the old script of Cessos. And has a clear stone with what looks to be holding blood. Hector being an outcast was tormented by the people at school. He didn’t get angry he just stayed quiet laughed. Adam Lancaster was the man source of this torment. One afternoon Hector is walking home from school when Adam and his group of friends circle around him. Hector with his head down tries to move past the group. When one of the guys pushed him down. Hector looking unbothered gets up and says “fellas do we have a problem here?” Adam says “Yeah we don’t want creeps like you around here.” Hector closes his eyes and clinches his medallion hard, while chanting mystic words. Hector right hand turns black and blood from the medallion pours out. The blood is soaked into the earth and black souls start rising from the ground. This dark forces attacks Adam and his friends. Entering their body and stopping their hearts. Hector releases his grip and he returns to normal. He walks down the path to the graveyard and sits. The next day, Hector sees the news about the local teens. He is not affected by it. Investigating the death of the local teens investigators are stunned at how the killings seem effortless.
Months before, Hector Blade uncovered the medallion that came a legend. The medallion is supernaturally-cursed, circulating from each of it’s victim to another after death. As soon as anyone uses the medallion, it will become apart of their soul. This medallion curses people to be killers. The medallion summons demons from the underworld to kill their tormentors.
The doomed few appear to be ordinary people during day to day life, but when photographed they have an upside down cross on their head. The investigators will never figure out this killing because it’s beyond their power.
Hector loves having this much power. When Hector walks into school. The hallways are quiet. The entire hallway stops what they are doing to watch Hector walks down the hall laughing at all the students. Then suddenly he sees the group of boys he killed. Shaking his head they disappear. The images of his killings are flashing into his head. He starts to get sharps pains in the side of his head. Grabbing his heading trying to seduce the pain he yells “ahhhhhhhh.” The medallion tightens around Hector’s hand and he starts to bleed from his eyes. No one can see what is happening to Hector. The medallion pulls all the blood from Hector through his eyes. Hector drops dead in the classroom. The class looks when his body hits the floor. The medallion rolls under Felix’s chair another student in the class.
Felix examines the medallion and willingly submits himself to the curse. He finds that the same visions flash before his eyes. He finds that his visions are of people that were kilted by the medallion. Then Felix questions why did Hector die. Felix reads the words on the Medallion. It reads “ Don’t put yourself before me for thee will die.” Felix giving all his faith to the medallion. joins the queue with supernatural forces. Will Felix be able to abide by the rules? Or will he fall to the curse’s doom before his time is up?



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