Droptober is Coming!

Local brands Visionaire Minds, Opposite Society, The Cycle, and Alitassindivisuals are teaming up to dedicate the whole month of October to to production and creativity. The group is calling the big event, Droptober.


The group will host different pop up events in Elizabeth City combining all of their products.

It all kicks of October 12th at 110 N Road Street, Elizabeth City, NC!

We sat down with one of the reps from Droptober, you can check out the interview below:


How did “Droptober” come about?

 Droptober came about through the collaboration of “The Drop Shop” as small brands trying our hand at the fashion industry it’s hard to get as far as we aspire to alone. When we come together we are much stronger and creative. We wanted to have pop up tours, taking our brands to different places to spread the word and grow our brands.

How many people do you plan to attract with this event?

Together with our faithful followers and ambitious mind set we hope to sell out and attract a lot of customers that have never seen our brands.

What events are listed to take place?

We are keeping it simple with the first few pop up and are going to sell and promote our brands and do a few raffles, in coming pop up shops we plan to do events like art shows, concert, and red carpet events. Together we can accomplish all of our goals so it’s only up from here.

Tell us about some of the locations?

 One of the locations is on the campus of ECSU in front of the new student center. We plan to attract students just walking past, even if they don’t buy anything that day we will still make an impression that will leave them wanting more.

What’s your overall goal with “Droptober”? Do you see this continuing yearly?

Droptober is part of a string of pop up events that we will be hosting through out the year. As our pop adventures continue we do plan to get better and better and get a larger crowd with each event so hopefully you next year we will be back and better.

Where can people go to find out more information?

More information will be posted gradually, to stay posted follow all of the brands in collaboration and you won’t miss a beat

Opposite Society will be hosting various car meets and maybe even a concert throughout the month!

They are also set to drop a clothing line on October 14th!

Author, Wesley Clark, was recently added to the list of events and will be releasing his new book, It Happened, It Hurt, Now What? on October 27th at Skies Art Lounge at 6:30 pm!


You can find out more about the brands here:

Visionaire Mind: visionairesbytomavelli.com

Opposite Society: @opposite.society

The Cycle: @thecycleec

Alitassindividual: alitassindividual.bigcartel.com

Wesley Clark: @wesmotivations



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