The Collecter


One morning, a strange girl named Anna and a widow Georgia, find a video. They take the video back to the Widow’s Cabin to watch. The girl takes the video and put it in the DVD player. The video starts to play. The video is strange. The first thing that comes up is, fingers that have been crushed, across the black screen. The girl thought that the TV screen was broken but it was just a black background and white fingers. The video went to another view that showed a circle of dead animals and what looks to be a human or something eating on them. The video showed all things dead and nothing living. At the end of the video, a pale little boy with jet black hair stands. His eyes are missing and resembles hollow holes. He waves without expression. The video then comes to an end. Georgia not threatened by the video. She waves back. Anna is confused at the video. They found the video by Eerie Creek, which had been known for its strange disappearances and bones found around the Creek. This had also been Georgia’s home for the last fifty years. Anna decides to do some investigating of her own.She goes to the local library and read old news articles from the past sixty years that involved countless disappearances.
Later that night Anna was sitting on her couch when she noticed a white figure dash from the corner of her eye. She turns around slowly and nothing’s there. Her heart is racing. Suddenly her laptop hits the floor. She jumps and realizes it was only her laptop. But when she opens it she finds a mysterious website that she had never seen before. The website reads “The hexed Creek.”As Anna reads the article she realizes that the little boy in the video was mentioned in the website. Her body got the coldest chills. She could not process what she was seeing. Apparently there was a legend that went with those individuals finding the video. It stated that whomever watches the film will die and become a part of it. Anna is scared out of her mind. She tries to get in contact with Georgia but she is not answering her phone. Suddenly a cup comes crashing to ground.
Anna is not sure what to believe. She wants to some how make this her imagination. But her brain is fighting because she knows the events are real. She then see the white figure dart from the sides of her eyes. She grabs the closet thing in reach, a kitchen knife. She walks around her small home, hoping that all of this will stop. Then suddenly the little boy from the video appears to her. Standing in the doorway, Anna screams “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” The Little boy starts whispering softly, it sound as if he is summoning something. Anna throws the knife at the boy. It misses. She runs to her door but she cannot open it. The doorknob has glowing with ancient script circling it. Anna starts to call for Georgia but she isn’t there. She wonders if the little boy has gotten Georgia. The boy disappears and Anna hope that the little boy is gone.
From behind Anna the little boy appears. He opens his mouth which is a black hole. Anna is paralyzed by fright. The little boy breaths the soul of Anna. She’s trying to fight the stinging pain in her chest but she doesn’t win the battle. The little boy takes her souls. The boy disappears. Slowly walking up the steps is Georgia carrying a brown, aged bag. She looks through the window and sees Anna lifeless body. She is excited. Walking into her house she takes the ax from her bag and chops Anna body to pieces. Calling out to the dark woods Georgia says “Dinner’s ready!!!” Two disfigured beings, come walking from the woods their skin pale and eyes black. They take a feast upon Anna’s deceased body.

Georgia was the said to fool people into thinking she was a widowed woman and deceived them with the video. When in fact she was the lady of black magic that fed the evil forms of the woods. Be careful! Georgia May fool you next!


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