The Darkest Hour

She walks back and forth pacing erratically through the room she has now engaged in a game of life and death. “Damn” she screams as her body starts to shake and quiver for she has given her soul. 

It’s a cold winter day in Devils peak, but that’s the usual given it’s scarce population that reflects the bitter cold that torments the residents. As a new reporter in town Francisca is ready to solve the most sought out disappearances and disturbances. The town is known for unsolved disappearances and strange events.“Man this place seems so cold, I’ve got to be prepared for some uneasy faces” said Francisca as she gets dropped of at the Montier Hotel. “Thanks sir enjoy your day” is what Francisca said to paled faced driver. He then returned a quirky grin and said, “ be careful.” At that moment Francisca thought nothing more of what the man meant. She had been brought up to understand that there is a reasonable explanation for everything. Therefore, she believed there was valid explanation for all in Devils Peak. Walking into the entrance of the Montier Hotel, she gets a whiff of a musky scent. “Ugh, what is that smell?” It’s the scent that the Hotel greets all its newcomers. Stated a tall rather thin man, with eyes so sunken in you would think he rose from the grave. His voice was weak as if is voice box was hanging on a limb. Francisca with a uneasy look stated “ Such a unpleasant way to greet eh? The man at the desk gave her the keys to room 666 on the 6th floor. Francisca got her one bag and and proceeded to her room. As Francisca enters the elevator she sees the man staring at her as if he wants to kill her. In her mind the man is just old and probably been working there so long he forgot how to be socially stable. As the elevator opens on the 6th floor Francisca is thrilled to see the Victorian style walls and carpeting.Oh this is so lovely, how could someone not enjoy this place?” She continued to admire the long hallway as you soon finds out her room is at the end of the stretch. Entering the room Francisca is in love. However, the admiration phase must end but there is work to be done. Francisca pulls out her work pc and documents given to her from the police department. She then alphabetizes the files and get her cup of coffee. The files are quite large and tedious to read. “How could so much come from a small place like this? Al Pajon, disappeared December 5 1952. This case has been cold for sixty plus years. Yet no one has been able to crack the mysterious disappearance. Why hasn’t anyone been proactive in solving the case said Francisa. The night was long filing through hundreds of papers Francisa felt as if her eyes would bleed.
There a knock at Francisa’s door and she gets up to answer. When she opens the door no one is there. Just the empty hallways and the heavy residue of dust on the wall.
Creeped out entirely Francisa plans to go to sleep. When she lies down she nods off to sleep. Tossing and turning in her dreams Francisa awakes to find a presence beside her. The figure is tucked under sheets.
Her heart’s racing and a cold sweat is there… she slowly moves to get out of the bed. The figure did not budge. Walking to the other side of the bed Francisa sees the body of dead, old woman. Letting out a bloody cry. The woman eyes open up and she jumps from the bed and attacking Francisa! She’s trying to fight the lady but she is too scared. Grabbing Francisa by the throat the old woman demands Francisa “ Get out, Get out! The lady disappears and Francisa goes into the corner until daybreak staring at the bed in Fright! Her job has put her in the presence of something evil!