Don’t Walk Alone

Walking down the street you’re on the way home. You’re too tired to take the regular way so you take a short cut. You start to feel uneasy walking down this dark path. The trees resemble human bodies. As you continue to walk your mind starts to play games on you. You remember the movies about serial killers, zombies and things that creep in the night. You brush the madness away, then suddenly you get an eerie feeling that something is walking behind you. The hairs on your neck are raised, your hands start to sweat. You’re trying to stay calm, but it’s not easy. The path seems longer than what it should, and you start to wonder if you have taken the wrong path. “ Having an extra pair of eyes would be great.” Then you see something up ahead, it looks like a human and you wonder who it is. You call out “hello!” But it doesn’t respond. Ok this stops you in your tracks you’re wondering if this thing is going to attack you. You decide to turn around and take the regular way. You’ve come to realize this shortcut was a bad idea.
You look over your shoulders and the thing is gone. This freaks you out. Your walking turns to a slight jog trying to get back to the entrance of the shortcut. Then you hear whispers coming from both sides of the woods. You’re heart is racing fast. That jog has moved to a full sprint. The whispers continue to get louder then suddenly stops. Out of breathe you must stop. You close your eyes and place your hands upon your knees. You hear a twig break in front of your face you are afraid to open your eyes.
As you slowly open your eyes you see a man with no face reaching out to you. Then you notice there are others just like him with no face. This freaks you out that you start to run manically through the dense woods. At this point you do not care if this isn’t your regular path. You just want to get away. As you are running you notice figures standing around the trees. These figures are whispering. You’re yelling to the top of your lungs, and the feeling of despair takes overs your mind. You stop suddenly cause your heart won’t allow you to run any more. The shadows of the forest starts to come near you the man with no face is calling for you. You’re are the sacrifice for the forest. You yell to them get away from me!! You are walking back when suddenly the man grabs you by the throat and slams you to the ground. Your life flashes before your eyes.
You’re screaming, and screaming, then suddenly you hear “Are you alright?” You look up and it’s a cop. The cop has noticed you rolling on the ground screaming get away. You look up with disbelief and is happy to see this man. Once you are in the police car you are relieved. As you peer over your shoulder from the back of the police car you see the group of faceless people staring at you. The officer looked at you and said “You know you shouldn’t be walking out here alone, you might see something you don’t want to see.” Looking at the police officer as his face disappears you scream. This night is never ending for you. I bet you will take a cab next time.