The Lakeleer Project

This morning the bodies of the Lakeleer paranormal investigation team, was found dead in a abandoned farmhouse. There have been no suspects involved in this murder. Residents have also put out a search for the town’s missing girl Heather Fyre.

It’s 1:00pm, and the Lakeleer, paranormal team has just come upon a case of an abandoned farmhouse, taunted by the spirt of a demon hunter. Investigators Alice, Ted and Scott are excited. This will be their third case of the week. A young girl by the name of Heather contacted the crew. She had reported seeing the spirit of the demon hunter

“Heather tell us what you saw?” Stated Scott the lead investigator, while the remaining team listened closely. Sitting with her hands in her lap, and head down she replies,

“It was dark,…well almost dark. I had left late from my friend’s Elizabeth house. I had to take Blade Road, which passes by the farmhouse. I’m walking and I suddenly approach the farmhouse. The house was watching me back, the feeling of dread crept over my body. I picked up my pace when this red light appeared at the corner of my eye. As I looked back I saw this figure. It looked like a man, but it was fixed like a gargoyle. I was terrified so I ran. As I was running, I glance over my shoulder to take another look. Its eyes were piercing red, and it had a dark mist all around it. Heather starts to shakes uncontrollably and cry, she cannot handle the image that is replaying in her mind.

Alice escorts Heather out of the room.

“Hey man! We might be on to something big here” says Scott. Especially coming from a town with a population of five thousand.

So are we taking on the case or what?” States Scott.

“Yes” proclaimed Ted. Alice walking back into the room “man she is a mess.”

“Yes I know” replied Scott. Alice get ready for the case because we are about to find what scared Heather.

“Senses, Digital Camera, audio recorder, EMF meter.” “We’ve got everything” “Alright guys, lets get ready to camp out.”

Arriving at the farmhouse the investigators are amazed. The farmhouse has rusted rooftops, rotten wood that has been homes for birds. The windows are dark, with spiders webbing their new homes. Approaching the house Scott pulls out his phone and takes a group picture.

It’s now 8:00pm and the crew has started to setup the equipment.

“Ted you will be watching the cameras to see what we get.” “No problem sir” says Ted sarcastically. This is going to be a boring night.

“We’ll have setup on the first floor, but be careful to avoid the cracks.” Stated Scott.

“Ok so first things first, I will not be going upstairs just in case something happens” stated Alice.

“It will be fine, you got this Alice” Scott shaking his head in a aggravating way.

It’s 10:01 exactly and the crew has been recording for two hours  nothing has happened yet and they start to get annoyed.

“Nothing’s happened yet, I’m starting to think Heather wanted her five minutes of stardom” says Alice.

“BANG!” A loud noise came from downstairs. Alice spoke to fast as she rushes to check on the rest of her crew members. TED! SCOTT! Her crew members are no where to be found in a blink of an eye she is all alone. Then suddenly as she turns the corner she sees it’s the Demon hunter holding  he head of her crew member, Scott.

Yelling hysterically “What have you done, I’ll kill you, you DEVIL!” Charging toward the Demon hunter with a piece of wood she crashes into the wall impaling her self with the wood. She glances over to the back door and sees Heather holding the heads of her othe crew member with the Demon hunter hovering over her.

Alice is stunned.


As blood drips from her mouth!

Channel 5 News, stunning  that there is no evidence to what could have caused the death of the team.




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