What’s After the Dark?

“I’m afraid,”
“The days run fast, and my heart faster”
“What’s the meaning of it, if it’s so temporary”
“I can never clear my mind of these thoughts”
“Ugh, if feels pointless, these assumptions are real”
“Oh look at the bird as it soars through the sky, no cares, unaware”
“Why can’t I shake these thoughts”
“The comfort of a group of people eases my mind”
LANDY! Get away from the window, you’re stuck in your thoughts you have to move stated Greg.
“No, no! I can’t Greg, what if someone attacks me I can’t and I won’t” replied Landy.
“Why would he say that too me?”
“He’s probably unaware of it, it’s going’s to attack when he least expect it”
“Life’s a dread, oh what if it stops now… how am I going to feel?
“Can I just be a sheet of paper. It has no emotions, or senses”
“ Man I was really picked to endure this but why?”
“I’m scared”
LANDY! Are you still at that window? If I come in there it’s going to be trouble stated Greg. He is unaware of the it that is dreading over Landy’s heart. As he sits and ponders he finds himself crying. “Why am I crying?” Stated Greg.
Landy walking into the room. “I know why because it is going to consume you as well.”
“What do you mean Landy?”
“ I hate talking about it Greg it makes me paranoid. What if I speak it into existence?”
“Are you afraid of it Greg?”
“Maybe if I sit next to you it won’t come.”
“No Landy, I’m not, I’m afraid of the darkness.”

Landy and Greg sit beside each other pondering the meaning of “it” they don’t want to face reality and it’s depressing notion. The door opens and “it” appears at the door. Landy’s mortified. “It’s here!! she screams. Landy jumps up from Greg and runs back to the window. She closes her eyes, and suddenly there is pain, the pain she’d feared. Then there was an extreme coldness that she feared. The slowing of her heart mortified her. Her senses are gone and all is dark. Landy has witnessed what she was most afraid of. “It” wasn’t ready for Greg, but now the fear is embedded into his heart. Mortified by “it” Greg goes and sit in a corner. He grabs his knees and starts sobbing, while repeating,

“I don’t want to do it,
I don’t want to do it,
I don’t want to do it,
I don’t want to do it,”
That’s all Greg said. He was eventually going to face “it” one day.



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