Stay Consistent

Whatever you choose to put your mind to, you can surely accomplish. I believe the correct word to use is Consistency, now there are things that we should do and there are things that we most definitely shouldn’t, but sometimes our focus may be on the wrong things. For instance, I was really consistent with not following my purpose and totally ignoring what God clearly had for me to do and I Consistently told him to kick rocks, and I focused on the things that I wanted to do, and that’s what I chose to sow into, and what I received back was a lot of wasted time and hard lessons.

We can talk until we are blue in the face about our life goals that we want to accomplish but it doesn’t get done without effort and consistency. Will it be easy? No. It’s not going to be easy, that’s why we call them Goals, you are suppose to shed some tears while you are still crawling and scratching towards your God Given Purpose. Listen, I’ve learned so much on my own journey about achieving and going after my purpose, there have been so many roadblocks ahead of me this current year, but instead of stopping I climbed over them and moved past whatever tried to block my progress.

Let’s just keep it 💯, road blocks and obstacles are meant to throw off  your focus, and you have to willfully ignore the distractions and press through towards your destiny. Consistency is key when achieving something great, and if it’s worth it to you, then you will not mind putting in the work. Remember, you don’t get to reach your goals with a stop and go process. Stay Consistent


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