Dybbuk Box

History Mysteries

It depended on a genuine story — or if nothing else, as valid as any account of this kind can be.  A movie known as possession was based off the dybbuk legend. The thing known as “the dybbuk box” showed up on the Internet in 2003, when it was set available to be purchased on eBay. Its proprietor at the time asserted that he had grabbed the case, expected for the capacity of wine, at a bequest deal in Portland, Oregon in 2001. It had a place with a Jewish lady who had lived to the ready maturity in 103; the container, she had dependably stated, housed a dybbuk, or shrewdness soul, and ought to never, ever be opened. Obviously the new proprietor opened it… and as you may have speculated, things turned out poorly well after that. He offered it to his mom, who promptly endured a stroke; he requested that his sister cling to it, yet it cracked her out in light of the fact that it wouldn’t remain close; he endeavored to offer it, just to discover it came back to his doorstep with a note perusing “This has a terrible obscurity.”

The Dybbuk box has taken on many looks since 2003, but the story around it definitely sparks fright into online buyers.


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