The Winchester House


Named one of the “Most Haunted Places in the World” by Time magazine, San Jose’s Winchester Mystery House has been the site of numerous a phantom locating, drawing global paranormal examiners and clairvoyants.

Finding your way around the spooky Winchester House might be a fright. Sarah Winchester acquired the abundance of the conspicuous Winchester Rifle Company in 1881 after her significant other passed away. In any case, her distress from the loss of her better half and the passing of her young girl only a couple of years sooner left her shocked and dismal. To fight her own particular evil presences, she started fabricating this drifting Victorian at the inheritance of a clairvoyant and some requesting spirits. These spirits turned into the imperceptible draftsmen behind each weird alcove and crevice as Sarah put in 38 years including to the house. Today guests can look at all 24,000 square feet with 160 rooms (counting some that are covered up), 47 chimneys and staircases that prompt no place.

The house is filled with the ghosts and the the presence of Sarah is heavily filled in the home. Those that tend to the house has witnessed strange events that and some even witnessed ghosts attacking them.



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