Near an old, congested underpass, drivers will see a young lady in a white night dress remaining by the side of the street. She will be urgently endeavoring to wave to any passing auto. In the event that anybody pulls over to help the young woman, she climbs submissively into the secondary lounge of the auto and says that her name is Lydia. She will tell the driver that she’s quite recently been to a move and now she’s attempting to return home. She gives the driver an address not very far away, and he benevolently consents to take her there. The driver may attempt to draw in Lydia in discussion, however she appears to be diverted and in her very own universe, so he just abandons her in a deferential quiet and focuses out and about ahead.

One particular driver goes to the address this young lady gives him. When the door opens it’s an old woman. The guy states that a woman named Lydia lives here. The old lady showed the fellow a picture of a young woman, she then said Lydia was my daughter that died in a car accident in the 1920s.

This is the most paranormal event that many drivers will encounter in their lifetime. Sometimes you won’t pick up the living!


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