Hotel Monte Vista



This drama-riddled hotel has an especially illustrious history.


Arizona Daily Sun

In room 305, visitors have detailed seeing a recliner shake without anyone else’s input and hearing thumping originating from the storage room. Legend has it that an elderly lady once lived in the room and would sit by the window for quite a long time. Individuals strolling by the room’s window report seeing a lady shaking in the seat and servants report finding the seat moved to a place not quite the same as where they cleared out it.

Two whores are said to frequent room 306 adjacent. The ladies were probably executed there in the mid 1940s, their bodies tossed from the third floor window. Male visitors have announced the sentiment cool hands over their mouths or throats and arousing unfit to relax.

Another long haul tenant who used to live in room 220 may even now be there. He kicked the bucket in his room and wasn’t found until three days after the fact. A janitor revealed finding the TV turned on at full volume and the bed sheets tore to shreds. Visitors still report the TV turning on without anyone else and the touch of cool delivers the center of the night.

A visit to this hotel might result in facing a paranormal activity!



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