Lighthouse Cemetery

There I stood with my binoculars staring in the distance at a tall lighthouse it had been the towns renowned attraction. I’ve heard many stories about it some good and some downright bad. I was curious about the ghost stories that my nanny use to tell me about. Mysterious lights that circle the night, when the sky is at the darkest hour.  A suicide of a young that happened inside of it, this was definitely a mission for me to take on. Plus the most famous legend which is that the lighthouse was given to the devil after a man gave up his soul. That one definitely brought chills up my spine, but I insist on going there. Later in the day I decided to go online to see if other people had made any visits to the suspicious lighthouse. The number was staggering.  “The Daily Evidence” listed about 20 disappearances since 2016, regarding the lighthouse. I thought to myself maybe it is a good idea to go there, but how could I be sure that these people didn’t just get lost on their way there and back. I was not about to lose a chance to visit the lighthouse. Late that night while in my room I started packing a bag for my adventure to the the lighthouse. The path that most people take is pretty dangerous, so the chances of me dying are high.

The morning has come and the sky is gloomy, it resembles the earths lungs being polluted by cigarettes. A strange feeling came into the pit of my stomach, a knot that stuck until I had my morning coffee. Sitting at the table  I only think of what the day is going to bring. Turning on the TV, the first thing I see is a reporter stating that two young teens disappeared in the Ortano, river which relatively close to the lighthouse. A weird feeling again went over my body, and now I’m second guessing myself even more. It’s now 3:00pm, and it’s time for me to start my journey.  Closing the door to my house, my cat peers through the curtain. He looks very frightened and pleads me not to leave. Walking up the rocky paths, leading down to the large rocks and the currents of the water. The hike to the lighthouse was tedious one that left me exhausted. Reaching the  the lighthouse I peered up and noticed the aged, exterior of the lighthouse. So I decided to sit down and rest before I started doing my exploration.

7:00pm, I walk inside the place is filled with spiderwebs and spiraling steps. I only imagined what could be up there. Maybe the bodies of the people who disappeared being tormented by the devil or some creature. I decided to take a walk up the steps, when I get halfway I looked down to see a red dress glide into the corner. My heart stopped, now I’m afraid to go up and definitely not going down. I think to myself maybe the exhaustion is getting to me. So I decide to continue my way up the stairs. Looking back for the second time I see the red dress again, I scream out “Who’s there?” no one responds just dead silence.

I decided not to take the venture up the steps coming back down the intense feeling of dread is all around me and powerful odor of a dead animal, burns my nose. As I get closer to the floor I see a small ball of something. Stepping my foot onto the floor, I noticed that my had been killed and somehow appeared here. The whole time I was wondering did someone follow me here. My heart is racing as the tears are pouring for my cat reaper.  I picked up the dead cat, and try to walk through the opening of the lighthouse when suddenly my skin began to burn. The cat that was in my hand, morphed into a women’s head. I dropped it! I began screaming, but there wasn’t sound.  I feel freezing hands being placed on my shoulder as I dropped to the ground reaching my hand out for something to grab onto.  The read dress then appeared into the corner of my eye, and the smell of death reached my nose again. My throat and skin started disintegrating. I could not move this position and whatever it was behind had no intentions of letting go. Fright took over my thoughts, then everything suddenly went dark…



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