My Killer-In-laws

The pretty, country town of Camborne holds a secret or more like the Thornton family.
Marion Thornton has the perfect life working as a painter in New York and sitting with his kind girlfriend, Chantel Barker. Chantel looking up at the Marion says ” babe I’m going to check on the clothes.” “Alright, don’t be long said, Marion.” The steps to the basement was a downright deathtrap. The steps wobbled and the third step from the bottom was missing.
Opening the door to the dryer, she reaches in an grabs an arm full of toasty clothes and places them on top of the dryer. A soak fell to the side of the dryer so Chantel reached down and grabbed the sock. Out the corner of her eye she noticed a small black book that had been worn away with age under the random table the is next to the dryer.
When she finds a black book that listed the names of people killed, in his basement, she begins to realize that things are not quite as they seem in the Thornton family. She believes that the family is holding secrets. Has she committed her life to a family full of killers? The thoughts filled her head. Running back upstairs, she burst through the door. “Marion, what is this?”
” Whoa. Babes, why are you so angry?”
” Don’t taunt me, Marion.” Throwing the book into his lap. “This is what I am talking about.”
Marion laughs. “Oh I knew this day would come, but you had to find out.” See my family kills women in order recreate our beloved grandmother. Oh, how she wished for a youthful look, and beauty. See from each of these women my family and I have gotten almost every to complete our recreation.
” My family wants you now because you have my grandmother’s eyes.”
“WTF! Marion!
” I’m getting out of this place. You will never make me one of your experiments stated Chantel.”
Chantel starts to head out of Marion room when she notices his mom blocking the entrance to the front door.
” I’m afraid we can’t let you leave darling, you got to give me your eyes.”
Marion grabs Chantel from behind and starts dragging her to the basement. Chantel screams to let her go, but he ignores her. He puts her in this room that is dark. The room smells like mold and feces. As Marion mother turns on the light, the grandmother appears to be sitting there. Although, now she looks like a Victor Frankenstein project.
” Oh you sick bastards, you lied about your grandmother’s death.”

” Well now you know, said Marion”

“Marion strap her down so we can start the procedure, stated his mom.”

Marion ties her wrists to the chair, and her legs with duck-tape. His mom then proceed to grab her tools. Picking up the eyeball popper, Marion mom sticks in the sides of her eye, and Chantel freezes up. The eyeball is dangling on Chantel check.  Chantel is screaming to the top of her lungs, only she has no one to help her. The grandmother gives her a weak smile to show the enjoyment.

“Well, Marion this was a good procedure. Now may you due the honors of getting rid of her body.”

“Yes mom!”




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