Hell’s Bridge

The narrative of the notorious Hell’s Bridge in Algoma Township, Michigan, spins around the figure of Elias Friske. Back in the mid-nineteenth century, a few towns in Kent County encountered a flood of young people being kidnapped One of the hardest hit was Laphamville. So as to battle the danger, townspeople relied on a Friske, who astounded many by lecturing a fire and brimstone gospel that pointed the finger at devils for the current events immediately gobbled up by the stream underneath. In truth, Friske was the one who was killing the young killed and cleaning their bodies. When the people found out Friske was the reason for all the murders of kids, the people of the town hung him.Hell’s Bridge is just a thin metal walkway that crosses the River Rouge. This has not prevented the numerous stories from carrying on. Most just claim that the extension is dynamic, with mysterious vapor and spheres moving among gathered confirmation. Many folk claim to see the rope gliding around.



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