Corrupted Testament



Traveling Museum

This worn out New Testament was utilized to wrestle many adherents from the grasps of Satan while in the hands of a New York-based deliverance serve in the 19th century. The book saw such a large number of fights with underhanded that the temples of the mistreated have left a plainly obvious sweat recolor in the cowhide authoritative.

For a considerable length of time the provincial priest pursued profound fighting on unclean spirits until the point that satanic ownership struck excessively near and dear. At the point when looked with the deliverance of a relative, the war was lost, and the ownership last. After the fight, the clergyman stayed out of commission until death.

Since that day, the New Testament has been kept bolted away by its proprietors, relatives of the priest, who trust the book to be undermined. Refering to waiting sulfuric smells, creepy crawly pervasions, and a staggering sentiment unease, the Corrupted Testament was given to the Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and Occult under the condition that it be encompassed by religious iconography when put away.

Those who’ve held the book have announced encountering odd marvels running from impermanent dissociative scenes, to full-body trembling, to the vibe of being seen by an inconspicuous substance. Our own examinations have yielded high electromagnetic changes and evident self-development.



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