Mental Hospital



Alton Mental Health Hospital is worked in the mid 1900s, this healing facility is known for the cruel abuse of its patients, a large number of whom were liable to cathode stun treatment, lobotomies, and frosty water medicines – which were all standard regular practice at this clinic.

Many individuals today – including staff, patients, and guests – have detailed hearing bizarre commotions, from entryways haphazardly pummeling close to undecipherable whisperings. One of the creepiest reports originates from a medical caretaker who was on obligation and heard somebody ask, “Who’s that?” She pivoted to react and found that there was nobody there and nobody had been in the working at the time. Soon thereafter precisely the same occurred in a similar place to a moment nurture.

Since this office is as yet a doctor’s facility today, visits are entirely prohibited, yet individuals who have taken photographs nearby while going by patients have apparently gotten pictures of circles with the tormented face of a human male on the front.


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