The Fright of October

The month of October has been a glorious ride for those that have been keeping up with the daily posts. Each individual post exploring a dark, grizzly theme that keeps the readers on their toes. Whether it’s haunted houses, possessed objects, or grim stories that make the reader look over their shoulder. The work that went into writing the stories, included an hour or so thinking about the concepts of horror and what actually scares people. I tried telling myself what would Stephen King write? He is the master of horror writing , and the person I try to model my writing off of. One of my favorite short stories that I writtien for “31 Nights of Fright” would be “Sam’s Nightmare” this story included all the elements  I like to see in a horror story such as gore, an unexpected ending, and the mind playing tricks and so much more. It seems like a story that is a lot different from your basic model of a scary story. I wanted to include things in my story that people would question if it fits right together. Writing for the entire month of October, helped me to venture out an find what the definition of scary ment for myself and others. I enjoyed creating the wonderful titles of my short stories, which makes my stories interesting to read. Not all my posts were stories, the last half consisted of places in America that are considered some of the scariest places ever, and including objects that most people wouldn’t have in their homes.  I thought this was important to share in this blog because there is no better feeling than witnessing a paranormal event for yourself. I enjoyed doing the research in creating  the last posts, it sparked future ideas in which I could turn into a short story, or novella. I plan to share more of horror writing with the rest of the world, but next time thought a published book.