Direction over Inspiration

We all have those dreams and goals that we want to grab by the horns in this short life, and I know we all have good intentions with making them into a reality.

Now, I personally don’t like the term motivational or inspirational speaker, because motivation and inspiration can sometimes only be for a moment, and it doesn’t guarantee that you achieve your goals, but I prefer the term, Direction Changer.

Ever since I’ve started my own journey, I’m learning more and more that you have to have a plan set in order to be successful. You have to know the direction that you are heading into and you must be disciplined enough to stick to it.

Being intentional and  inspired is not enough anymore, if you are a person that lacks direction you will not meet all of your goals.

Now, you may ask yourself why do I need a plan of direction?

Well, in life you will have many challenges and fears that you will face on a daily basis and if your plan isn’t solid, I can guarantee that distractions will get the best of you.

I’m telling you this because it has happened to me and I’ve had to learn some hard lessons along this journey and believe me when I tell you that those hard lessons does not feel good, but it’s for your good.

So do yourself a favor, be disciplined, stay diligent, set your plan, and watch yourself become successful!


As some of you know, last October, I released my first book, It Happened, It Hurt Now What?

You can get my book Here

Fill free to check out some of my photos from by book launch below


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