Playing It Safe

There are so many acronyms for the word FEAR and there are so many of us who  battle with FEAR. I just want to let you know that FEAR is just a figment of your imagination. It takes a lot of courage to step out and do something new and unfamiliar, but I’m here to tell you from experience, some people may think that you are nuts because you’re doing something that is different, but here is some more advice… do it anyway!

If you’ve read some of my previous blogs then you should know that I love to be transparent with my audience. I decided to write a book about my life, and I did all of this without a regular 9 to 5 which seems crazy to your average person, but I made it work because I know I’m going to be successful. A lot of us don’t know how truly great we are because we choose to play it safe with life. So instead we take easy street and settle.

If you never try, then how will you know just how dope you are?

Will the road be easy? No! It is a definite fact that you are going to want to quit during this journey and you may have every reason to say forget this.

Some of my reasons are things like money. When are the calls going to come? Am I good enough? But guess what, I’m still here fighting and clawing my way towards my goals that I have set for myself, so that I’m able to leave a lasting legacy for my kids and their kids as well.

Playing it safe may work for some, not everyone wants to accept this type of journey, but I challenge you to tell yourself that you’re great and if you keep pressing on this road, I promise that you will find out the reason why our Great God created you.


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