Opposite Society Branching Out in 2018

Young Moguls like Opposite Society have been making major moves, branching out into other areas in the world. Last time we left off with Opposite Society, they were about to launch Droptober, a whole entire month dedicated to productivity and creativity. During the month, the group collaborated with other local brands to launch a pop up shop right in the heart of Elizabeth City.

This year the group is branching out and exploring other cities. We recently got a hold of Opposite Society leader, Jaylen Brown, and got some updates on the group.


Last time we left off, you guys were getting ready to launch Droptober. How did Droptober go for you? Was it a success in your opinion? If so, how?

Droptober was successful in my opinion for Opposite. We had a good amount of supporters there for our first pop up store. Hosting a store really was a step outside our group and into our community, so we took advantage and conquered the show. Seeing the amount of people who showed up really made us want to host more events.

How many more pop up shops do you have set in stone? Any particular locations interesting you?

We have a list of store dates coming up on our travel tour sheet. We recently hosted our first tour stop in Newport News, VA. We are planning stores in bigger cities like Washington DC and Atlanta, but we also are still focusing on our small cities.

Are you branching out and starting to work with other brands besides the local ones? If so, how?

At this moment, we aren’t really collaborating with any other brands except for Visionaire. We’ve been working with Tomavelli for the longest so shout out to T. We are looking for more to branch out to but we are being patient. Quality over quantity for 2018 Opposites.

Has anything changed with opposite society? Are the same people involved? Explain.

A lot has changed since 2017. We lost members to our group but we’ve gained some really trusted, talented individuals that have been pushing almost everyday. We’ve also added new groups  to our organization such as OPPOSITEairsoft, 10/26, OPPOSITEtravel, & more to be announced.

I’m sure you all have plenty of haters being that you are young entrepreneurs. How do you deal with those who find time to hate on your brand? Explain.

For all the haters that think they cool and funny to hate on us probably sit at home and watch our videos on there cellphone. Haters don’t really amuse me anymore. For the longest we let them get to us, but at this point, we’re actually doing the things we love and have a passion for. So now we can say,”yeah we’re here doing that for that,” or you’ll just see us on a social media post somewhere you’ve never been. that’s my way i deal with the haters. make them hate themselves for not doing what they want to do.

Would you say Opposite Society is a closed group or are you open to have new people join the movement? Explain.

Opposite Society isn’t a closed group but we are tight. We love catching new people but we rarely just let people in. It’s only because Opposite was a closed group for the longest and then we started letting people in and all they would do is leave. So right now, we’re just going to focus on the individuals we have now so we can expand their talent.

What are things looking like for Opposite Society in 2018? Anything new lined up? Explain.

2018 is definitely going to be a year we go insane. We have a couple of places to hit here in the United States but we plan on traveling overseas late September. We also plan on opening a permanent store here in our home town in the summer. We have Devin Cooper really taking things off with his gaming career and his passion for art. We have our younger brother DJ really setting the path for himself and OPPOSITE as a whole. We also have new photographers, models, and graphic designers ready to get started. shout out to everybody in Opposite. Opposite 2018 is the year we conquer and this is coming from the owner himself. We will prosper and we will enjoy the dreams we want to live.

You can check out some pictures from Opposite Society below!




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