A Simple Apology

How many of us have a hard time apologizing for something that you did?

I can say I do forgive easy, but it is hard for me to apologize for something, especially when I’m not in the wrong. Being able to apologize takes a lot of maturity and it builds character for you and your relationship.

Now, if you are weekly reader of my blogs, then you must know that I like to be transparent about myself. I believe the truth is how you make the most impact on a person’s life.

I had to right a lot of my wrongs from the past especially when dealing with my kids. I hurt my kids a lot with some of my decisons, and believe me, it’s never easy hearing from your kids that you hurt them by some of your selfish actions.

I don’t believe my kids looked at me any differently, but we had some healing to do. That process didn’t start until I asked them for forgiveness and apologized for the hurt that I caused them.

The relationship that I now have with my kids feels like heaven on earth. Our bond is so strong and we talk about the easy challenges as well as the hard challenges that we encounter together, but I don’t believe we would have gotten here if I’d never put my pride down and had a heart to heart with my two loves.

We still have issues that we will face, but I don’t mind facing challenges with them, as long as we will do it together, and I will never have so much pride in my life when I can’t apologize.

Apologies can right your wrongs, and it shows remorse and concern for your actions. An Apology does cure hurt, please use them often.

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