Amazon Backlash for Pro-Slavery Clothing

Last week,  Amazon received a huge amount of backlash, for having clothing that promoted slavery. The clothing is for children and had the slogan, “Slavery Gets Sh** Done”. With a copious amount of Amazon account users and non Amazon account users infuriated, many decided to delete their account and/or avoid signing up for one. Noticing the loss of potential money Amazon decided to delete all of the children’s clothing apparel.


Amazon, known for its diverse products available to the world to purchase, made an ignorant decision to sell children’s pro-slavey apparel. The brand was singled out by shoppers and anti-slavery campaigns for product choice. The retailer distributed t-shirts, bibs, totes, sweatshirts, etc.


Twitter and Facebook also became hotspots when it came to this controversial matter at hand. Users asked questions such as, “Why even allow this product on the website?”and “Who in charge allowed this to happen?”

With slavery still occurring in various forms one would actually take the time to think about the way this will affect shoppers worldwide.

According to Daily Mail,  Paul Thompson, a spokesman for Anti-Slavery International, said, “I understand this is meant to be a joke, but slavery is no joke for people experiencing it now.”

Slavery includes sex trafficking and the 400 plus years that many black American ancestors went through. Other organizations that campaign against forced labor and human trafficking agree with the majority of people offended.

Amazon should have been more responsible when selling items to shoppers worldwide.  Amazon responded to the backlash with this message from the spokesman, “All marketplace sellers must follow our selling guidelines and those who don’t will be subject to remove their account. Products in question are no longer available.”


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