Why Millennials Travel More Than Any Other Generation

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Millenials are picking up and jetting across Europe more than ever with  35 Percent More in 2017. So why is this generation traveling so much more than the generations before it?

Here are a few reasons why…

Traveling has never been more accessible and affordable! By affordable, I mean constant deals, student flights and payment plans. No more having to save up for years to buy your one-way ticket around the world, leave now pay later. Furthermore, Social media shows us the world and we want to see it! Adding to this, it is now much easier to follow world news now, and easier to research and plan a trip nowadays. I think mainly it’s because the world is so connected now, the other side of the planet suddenly isn’t so far away.

Millennials are the new entrepreneurs. The millennial generation is known for starting businesses. Having your own business allows you to travel as you please, without having to give notice to your employer or risking losing your job for taking six months to a year off.

Social influencer is a job now. You literally get paid to take photos of yourself. Thus, paid overseas trips for good content. Even those that are not working in the industry see those who are and it encourages them to jet across the world.

They are the most self-involved generation. Millennials are seeking self-purpose more than any other generation. Their self-involved nature and the idea of ‘finding yourself’, encourages the need to travel.

No need to settle down- the social constructs to “get married, buy a house, have kids, (and for women) be a homemaker” are being challenged and changed.. Seeing lots of women and men alike staying unwed, women pursuing careers before children. Without those commitments, it makes it much easier to travel when it’s just yourself.

References- https://blog.logodesignguru.com/millennial-travelers-prefer-europe/   



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