Tapas & Cider Spanish Seafood

If you’re in the mood for a laid back romantic evening with your spouse or significant other or maybe even just a sophisticated girls night out, Tapas Cider & Spanish Seafood is a great event to enjoy your Friday night.


I actually found out about this event on an app called Eventbrite, which basically provides you with different types of events that are going on in your area and I happened to come across this specific one.

Red Clay Cider Works was having a special night where a gourmand chef cooked specialty dishes that reflected the Spanish cuisine. The chef paired each delicious course with one of the Red Clay’s crafted ciders. She cooked each appetizing meal right in front of us and even provided us with intriguing background information about each dish that was being prepared. Now of course this was not a free event, however the tickets were only $40 per person and included four main courses. Can you beat that?


First Course:

Pulpo Gallego

Octopus | Chorizo | Yukon Gold | Red Onion | Arugula | Chimichurri

The first course immediately takes your taste buds on a journey to new horizons. Although it was a light salad, this salad punches with flavor. This was my first time trying octopus and let me just say, it was delicious! It had a smoky tang that coated your tongue. The texture was chewy, but breaks down nicely in the mouth. The chorizo gave it that extra saltiness. Overall, this was a superb dish and I definitely look forward to enjoying more octopus meals in the near future.


Second Course:

“Paella” & Gambas al Ajillo

Crispy Saffron Rice | Garlic Shrimp

Now this course will take you back to the comfort of your own home. Its mouth-watering shrimp soothes your taste buds as you sink your teeth into each garlicky bite. And with a mouthful of this crispy saffron rice you will enter a realm of relaxation. This course may not consist of much, but it was entirely delectable.



Third Course:

Zarzuela de Mariscos

Grouper | Mussels | Aromatics | Seafood-Tomato Broth | Chickpeas

This scrumptious looking dish was my favorite course of the night. Its warm flavors surround your taste buds like a cozy blanket. The grouper was tender, juicy, and literally melts in your mouth like butter. The mussels were chewy and tasted like a trip to the beach on a warm summer day. And the tomato-based sauce added an extra tasteful bite that was rich and smooth, which complimented the flavors grouper and mussels. Lastly the two crostini gave the entire dish a texture and volume with each crispy buttery bite.


I’m not sure what the name of this Cider is, but it was delightful and quite refreshing. Its taste reminds me somewhat of cranberry juice. Tart and sweet. Paired very well with the Zarzuela de Mariscos.




Fourth Course:


Mahon | Quince | Marcona Almonds

This rewarding dessert was a light flaky pastry that was stuffed with cheese and jams and topped with crispy bacon bits. It’s fluffy sweet yet salty taste gives a spin on a new desert, that you’ll just keep wanting more and more until it’s all gone.


The light Cider that complimented this course was slightly sweet but more so on the subtle side so that the flavors from the Queso will shine.

Overall, this was an exceptional event and the food was outstanding. I found each dish to be scrumptiously satisfying and kept me eagerly wanting more. With that being said, I give this event two thumbs up! I look forward to partaking in more of these classy styled cooking experiences.

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