Krazy Fish Bar & Grill

DSC_0344-710x375Krazy Fish has a relaxed laid-back atmosphere for all ages and backgrounds. It’s bright quirky conceptual decor is the perfect place to enjoy a comforting family dinner, a fun-filled friends night out, or even a chill date nightspot. Whatever the occasion, Krazy Fish has the spunk and zing to make your meal exciting and enjoyable, whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Even the famous food star Guy Fiery has featured this resturaunt on his popular show Diners, Dine-Ins, and Dives or better know as Triple D, which is televised on the Food Network channel.

Szechuan Salmon Tacos


This thriller of an appetizing dish consists of smoky tender blackened salmon cooked in a saucy scrumptious Szechuan sauce with triple bell peppers and sautéed onions topped with sesame seeds. The flavor combination of sweet and savory really packs a punch in this course and instantly transmits your taste buds on a “cloud-nine” sensation. The soft delicate quality of the salmon paired with the crunchy crisp slaw of mixed bell peppers and cucumbers plays nicely among the texture guide for the “perfect” tacos. After having one bite of these mouth-watering tacos, you’ll never want a typical taco ever again and that’s just the main course!

Krazy Fish has an array of side dishes, but the one side dish that caught my eye was the Jalapeño Cheddar Grits. Now let me just begin by saying grits are not my go to for a side dish. I honestly don’t even like grits as much, but before you grit-lovers get to criticize me, let me defend myself by saying that I have finally experienced the best grits by far here at Krazy Fish. These Jalapeno Cheddar Grits weren’t gritty at all, instead they were incredibly fluffy, smooth, creamy, cheesy, and seasoned to the “T”. And let’s not forget the jalapeños that gave the grits that much needed spice. I highly recommend you order this as a side to compliment any main course here, especially if you’re a grits lover.

Shrimp & GritsIMG_4718


Who doesn’t like a good shrimp and grits meal after a long day of powering it out at the job. It’s such a comforting dish that warms your insides and makes you feel like you’re being wrapped up inside of a cozy blanket. I think Krazy Fish did this dish justice by adding their own personal flare. Even one of my good friends was lucky enough to have partaking in this atypical platter. Here’s what they had to say about the dish.

“Shrimp and grits. Sounds like a pretty simple dish, right? Well not at Krazy Fish! Their shrimp and grits had an amazing twist on it to make the meal have a very delicious, light, and refreshing taste. The dish included a mango ancho sauce atop jalapeño cheddar grits with fresh shrimp, making it the perfect bite each time.”




Now, this is a dish that is quite electric. The roti dish is similar to a burrito, but definitely packs more of an island savory taste. It’s wrapped in a flour tortilla that is stuffed with Krazy rice, a choice of meat and sauce paired with your choice of side. Although I did not get to try this tempting wrap, my friend, however, was pleased to let us know their experience after tasting it. Let’s take a look at what they had to say about this enticing course.

“I ordered Roti with Bulogi meat. I decided to order two sides; the jalapeño cheddar grits and the Macaroni and cheese. The grits were excellent and simply seasoned to perfection with an extra added spice. The mac and cheese kind of reminds you of family gatherings when your grandmother would cook and everyone would gather around and say grace. The Bulogi meat, which I tend to like spicy had a mixture of Indian and Mexican flavors making the perfect blend of sweet and spicy. I highly recommend this dish if you ever go.”

As you can see Krazy Fish is a fun loving restaurant that anyone can enjoy, especially if you’re like my friends and I who love to try new foods and spices from all over the world. This is the perfect spot to test those flavors and cuisines. Overall, this was another extraordinary food adventure. My friends and I enjoyed our uniquely crafted dishes that were filled with tasty island-like flavors to keep you wanting more and making each bite more succulent than the last. Even the atmosphere compliments your eating experience allowing you to play with the flavors that are dancing around in your mouth.

With that being said, I give this amusing restaurant two thumbs up! I will be coming back again for more lip smacking mouth-watering dishes.


Contact: (704) 332-1004

Address: 2501 Central Avenue, Charlotte, NC 28025

Hours: Mon Closed, Tues-Sat 11AM-10PM, Sun 10AM-10PM