How to make your home your sacred space

Make your space yours

Your home is a safe space where you will be accepted at your very best or very worst. Your home is where you practice your spirituality, where you cry, where you are naked, where you go after work to unwind and relax. With this being said, making your home your own safe space is essential. It is yours, so make it YOURS.

The house I live in now is the first home I have lived in without housemates, just my partner and I and therefore I took the opportunity to truly make it mine. I hang things on walls, I put crystals near the windows in my room so that the moonlight could touch upon them. I burn incense in my kitchen and place only things that make me calm and encourage vivid dreaming and imagination next to my bed (I suggest removing any technology as it interferes with your sleeping pattern and your dreaming). I have a bowl filled with little notes containing ideas I think of when my mind is at its most creative placed in my living room (where I write), I put my oracle cards in my room so that I can always be encouraged by their beautiful images.

My point is that you need to make your home yours, a place that you can come to and be you. A place that encourages deep thoughts and comfort.

One of my favourite things about my home is the sounds. I often take a picnic blanket outside to my backyard and lay in the sun, letting its warmth beat down on my back. The sounds of wind chimes and birds chirping, the background noise of trees blowing in the breeze. There is nothing more real or pure. I always feel my most calm and centred when I am in the outdoors, especially in my own outdoors. I often fall asleep to the earth’s natural sounds of serenity, encouraging creativity as I recharge in the safest place I know.

Protect your space

Part of making your home yours is protecting the safe haven that it is. Don’t invite people that argue with you, make you feel worthless or tamper with your home/ space. This will just leave you feeling negative and unhappy/ unsafe in your own space.
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