What it is like running your own Magazine – Part 1

Part 1

Running a Magazine may sound glamorous, free stuff, party invites and celebrity interviews. Gather all our expectations, everything you have heard about working at a magazine and throw it away. I am about to give you a real insight into what it is REALLY LIKE- No lies, no Bullsh*t.

When I decided to start up my own magazine, I had all of these expectations, yet had no idea how to make them happen. I did not know what point to start at, what thing to complete first, so like always, I did my research. I googled, I googled some more, I watched videos of interviews with magazine editors and owners, yet I found nothing. I think at some stage, after scouring the internet all day and night that there is a point sometime between midnight and 3am that you stumble upon a helpful blog or website and you know you have struck gold. At this point, I took note and read everything that I could on the topic.

A few months before I started my journey of starting my own magazine, I had dinner with an old high school friend of mine that I had not see in years. He informed me that he had started his own magazine. I was blown away! I thought to myself, “how could anyone just start their own magazine?” and as I do, being the inquisitive person that I am, I asked question after question until I felt satisfied that I knew everything there was to know about the topic. I left that night full of inspiration and a thirst for something new. That’s is when it dawned on me that I should start my own magazine. After all, I had written a book and was studying journalism. I was forever trying to find a creative way to link my passions, this was it! I was going to start my own magazine!

After my research was done, I knew I needed to get a magazine creating software. I chose Adobe InDesign as I found it easy to use and one of the cheapest I could find. On my small budget, that’s what I needed. As for the name and topic, I had a business already, ‘KBS Cosmetics’, a vegan makeup and skincare brand and therefore it seemed idiotic not to combine the two. ‘KBS Magazine’ would become the title of my new publication. As I was finding it difficult to advertise KBS Cosmetics in any magazines as their prices were ridiculous, I decided that it would be a great idea to advertise KBS Cosmetics in my own, cut the price and place ads, making me look more professional, two birds with one stone. As for the topic, I was working at a pharmacy at the time and not wanting to blab to anyone about my new venture before I knew if it would take off, I went undercover telling my colleagues I was making a magazine for uni and wanted to know what they looked for in a magazine- Recipes, Politics, Gossip, Great Images.. And with my research, Thus came the topics for my magazine- Beauty, Politics, Art, Music, Photography & Lifestyle with a few recipes thrown in.

Everything seemed to be going smoothly. That is until I opened InDesign to begin working on my project- Issue 1. Two hours in and I was ready to pull my hair out. Indesign was harder than I first thought and I had no idea what I was doing. A day of tutorials later and I was ready to take on the headache that was Indesign. When my first issue came out I was so incredibly proud of myself, flicking through its pages I felt like a creative genius and couldn’t wait to get started on the next one. Side note- it took me three months to get enough content and put it all together, thus making KBS Magazine a quarterly magazine.

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