Mia Bally Accused of Stalking by Ex but is Jared Evans Innocent?

Recently, Mia Bally was accused and arrested for stalking ex-boyfriend, Jared Evans. There is plenty of information and accusations to go around about Mia Bally, but who exactly is Jared Evans? What is his story and will we know the truth?

According to Radar Online, Evans claimed they broke up Christmas of 2016, claiming that Bally was trespassing. It is not clear on whether or not Bally had bad intentions when trying to allegedly meet with Evans but other sources are saying that Evans may not be so innocent in all of this.

Pictures on private accounts were found of Jared and Mia dating in 2017. According to records, Evans got married one month before Bally!

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Did Evans know that Bally was getting married that weekend? Could this have been premeditated?

With this new shocking information, the #MiaGate story is continuing to unfold as many people are interested in this Reality TV Stars scandal.

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We are still learning more information from our sources and will continue to follow this story.