Who is Mia Bally?

Mia Bally is a fresh new TV Personality that was recently accused by her ex, Jared Evans of stalking. Recent reports show Bally being arrested and taken to jail in the airport, heading for her honeymoon with then Husband, Tristan Thompson.

Born Ameea Bally, the TV Personality is a 29 years old woman from Plano, Texas. She is an airline recruiter in Dallas, Texas. She has a very close relationship with her parents and is very family oriented. She is a devout Christian and is extremely involved with her church.

Mia Bally started looking for love on Reality TV because she was exhausted with dating and wanted professionals to find a man who is fully committed and would be a loving partner.

Mia Bally, Lifetime

Bally was inspired by her parents, who have been married for 30 years. She hoped to have a strong marriage that reflected the values her parents showed her growing up. Bally wants someone who values faith as much as she does, values loyalty, and has great sense of humor.

Recently, Bally filed for divorce from her Husband, Tristan Thompson. There is no word on the current status of Ballys divorce. We will be following this story as it unfolds.

You can follow Mia’s Instagram @miabally1




Brandi Gray is a proud alumna of Elizabeth City State University. Her major was Communication Studies. During her time at ECSU, she was involved in many clubs and organizations. She was an on air personality and board operator for WRVS 89.9 FM. She enjoys creating memories by experiencing adventures with her close friends and family. She loves social media. She has a interest in how POC especially Blacks are portrayed in the eyes of media and society. Follow her on social media @tha_brandae.

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