Was Tristan Thompson Hiding Secrets from Lifetime?

Recently, Tristan Thompson made headlines when his wife, Mia Bally filed for divorce. Viewers saw the demise of their marriage on Lifetime’s, Married at First Sight, where Thompson felt Bally was hiding too many secrets from him.

Now, secrets from Thompson’s life have resurfaced, causing many to believe Thompson is no better.  Public records show that Thompson was arrested back in 2007 for Driving under the influence and evading arrests.

You can view Thompson’s Mugshot below:

Tristan Thompson; Mugshot

Allegedly, there was some abuse behind the scenes. Fans have publicly speculated on whether or not this was true.

FullSizeRender 2

It is also alleged that other cast members on the show have known Thompson to be abusive to Bally behind the scenes, and refer to him as a “fraud”.

We got a hold of text messages sent from someone close to Bally confirming how the cast feels about Tristan. You can view the messages below:

You can view the evidence below:


Bally was scrutinized after she was accused for stalking ex, Jared Evans. Now that this information has come to the forefront, should Thompson be viewed differently? What does Bally have to say now, knowing she married a fraud?