Deadly Pages

He had a bad day and Ralph needed something to make him feel better. He would board the six o’clock train heading towards Virginia on entrepreneur ventures. Ralph staring at his watch, sees that he has just enough time to find a good book before departure. The skies, brewing up a heavy storm, Ralph knew there was nothing better than a good book on a rainy day.  Ralph preferred to read biographies, he found the life of others more interesting than his own. Walking into the small, compact library, Ralph searches for his next prospect. His eyes dancing with amazement as he glanced over the isles, touching the books. His eyes stopped as the little black book caught his attention. He reaches for the book, when suddenly another book managed to fall at his feet. This book made Ralph forget everything. The book had run its course, it was maybe fifty years  old ragged, and torn.

Boy anything that looks like that must be of a good read, is what Ralph thought to himself. Ralph walks to the front desk with the biggest smile. He feels if he has won a million-dollar prize. Placing the book on the counter.

“Excuse me miss I would like to check out this book.”

“Oh, why certainly, replied the red-haired, Librarian with an 80s sense of fashion.”

“Well it seems like you’ve got a thing for history. I’ve never seen this book in all my 23 years of working here. It’s old enough.

“Yes, more like historical biographies. I’m not sure which biography it will be of because there wasn’t a name or author.”

“Well I tell you sir, reading this here book will put you down in G K Arden’s history.”

The lady was right, when she scanned the books no documentation of it being in the system showed.

“Well since this book has no belongings with us, you might as well take it. It seems like it was meant for you, said the librarian.”

“Well thanks, replied Ralph.”

Ralph left the bookstore only to realize it was 5:45. He rushed down the side of the train to board. Ralph was more anxious than ever to read what he had picked from the bookstore. As the train starts to pull away from the station, it starts to drizzle, and that drizzle turned into a downpour. Not bothered Ralph picks up the antique book and opens it, the first chapter reads “Ann & Ralph Sr.” Ralph couldn’t believe his eyes why were his parents’ names the title for the chapter. He blew it off as a coincidence. As Ralph was reading, he felt as though the book knew him personally. Similar stories of child-hood events were recalled and even things that no one else knew about.

Ralph started to feel uncomfortable. There was only one other person riding in the same part of the train as him. He felt as if he was in a horror movie. Then out of no where this strange woman approaches him and says, “Be careful, not to get distracted you could miss your stop.” Ralph did not pay attention to the woman instead, he continued reading. The rain was pouring harder than ever,and every now and then Ralph would glance out the window.

The book started to take Ralph into his life. Ralph only made it to chapter ten, when he realized this book was recapping his entire life story. This amazed Ralph, he was intrigued at who could know this much about him.

How could this even be possible this is like something from the other side. Ralph knew that with every book comes an ending as it is in life.

He got to a part in the book where it was describing him while on the train. At this point Ralph no longer felt safe. However for some reason the book isn’t allowing Ralph to put it down.  He continues to read and once it gets to the last chapter Ralph immediately starts to panic. His fingers have become glued to the book. He is unable to put it down. The pages mysteriously starts turning on its own as Ralph eyes is forced  to look at every word.

Then suddenly the train starts to rumble and the conductor calls for an emergency stop. Before the  conductor is able to say the rest of his sentence there is sudden silence. The train suddenly hops the track, sending Ralph and the rest of the passengers hurdling over the bridge.

Ralph body is flung towards the front of the train. He hits face on the side of the train seat. As the other passengers scream for mercy, Ralph is speechless unable to make any sound. The book never left his hands. It was like the train was falling in slow motion. Waiting for train to make impact he glanced at the last words written in the book, ” If he only didn’t miss his stop, he would have lived. Too late.” The impact of crash killed all passengers aboard. Except for the Librarian who Ralph didn’t realize as the suspicious lady. She needed a soul that day and Ralph was her special victim.



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