Deadly Deed

Walking down her spiral steps, she meets her fate. The man she trusted did not love her. Rage and jealousy filled the arms and fists of Tom.

“No, Tom! NOOOO!”

“You will not see anyone else” lifting his hands in a violent rage.

A hit to the skull with a steel bat, Sarah falls down the steps, her head revealing a large gash, brain and skull fragments splatter the floor. Tom in distress tries to cover his homicide with ice.

“What have I done?” Tom sobs hysterically.

Ice can’t bring back Sarah’s dead body. As he was wrapping her body in a pink lace cloth, he noticed her eyes were wide open and staring at him. The once lovely blue eyes have now been taken over by a cloudy mist. Tom hurries quickly to wrap her body. His second option was to take her somewhere and hope it’s the last place anyone would look. The Cheyenne River seemed like the best idea.  The river was a mile away, throwing the corpse over his shoulder, he carried the body. The dark night hid Tom and his evil deeds. The body cold and lifeless weighed on his shoulder. At the edge of the dock the fair maiden dives with the steel bat only to never come up. Without any tears or remorse, Tom walks away with his head hung low for the burden he got rid of; the burden of not being able to be with Sarah. As Tom is walking away from the river, cold chills run up and down his spine. Looking down at his blood filled hands, he only smiles.

Oh how I loved her so, but she didn’t love me. Her father never wanted us to be together. I couldn’t let her live knowing I couldn’t be with her. For now she cannot be with anyone else

He enters the house and the atmosphere is heavy. He looks at the stained carpet filled with his maiden’s blood. All he could see was the cloudy eyes staring back at him.

“The blood, how will I get it out?”

He throws away all his blood filled clothes and washes his gory hands; grabbing a brillo pad, he scrubs the carpet until it started tearing. Twenty-eight days went by and the fair maiden had risen from her watery grave unexpectedly. Her body was found floating in the river. She was now ready for revenge.

Tom sitting on the couch turns on the TV, flipping through the channels, when suddenly the Channel 5 news shows that a young woman’s body had been discovered in the Cheyenne River.

“No, this can’t be real; no one was ever supposed to find her!”

Tom is pacing back and forth across the room contemplating what he is going to do. The phone rings.

I’m not going down my lover is dead, not alive. I’ve got to get away; the police are probably on their way.

Picking up the phone,


“You murderous bastard you killed my Sarah!!” replied Mrs. Devoe, in a painful rage.”

“I didn’t kill Sarah, I told you she ran away, and I miss her too!”

“No you don’t, who else killed her you shared the same house.”

“NO I DIDN”T!” replied Tom slamming the phone down.

Tom holds his head in his hands while shaking.  He is paranoid so he decides to start a new life; the only image that popped into his head the sight of his dead wife rising from out of her watery grave. Tom leaves the home at Milo Avenue, and does not return. Tom went three counties over to Glendale County, trying to find a place to hide.

Motel 5, I guess it’s worth a try. Tom walks into the building,

“Yes I would like to get a room…”

“Ok sir that will be 59 dollars.”

Tom pays the money, and takes the key to room 1019. Walking out the door Tom can’t help but think about the grim pictures of the fair maiden. Wondering is her beauty still in tack.

Tom turning the key to the door is hit with a familiar smell. It’s rather similar to the perfume Sarah use to wear.

I still can envision her in her coral colored dress, as she sits in her powder chair dashing Shalimar behind her ears.

Tom pulls the bottle of whiskey from the bag. He downs the entire bottle hoping to wake up in a different life. The next morning when Tom wakes up, or so he thinks with the most excruciating headache. However, when he flips back the covers he sees dirt on his legs. Puzzled he looked around the room and found nothing that would have been the source for the dirt.

“What’s going on here?” says Tom as he touches the dirt on his legs.

As Tom feet touch the carpet he realizes that it’s wet. Did I waste the whiskey? Pressing his toes into the carpet to make sure it’s real. Walking to the counter, Tom is stopped in his tracks to see a trail of dirty water leading to the bathroom. I’ve got to be going crazy. Where did this water come from…? Oh no it might be Sarah; she’s come back for me. Tom spoke too soon, as he peered through the crack of the bathroom door he saw Sarah.

The dirty water dripped from the end of her dress onto the pearly white floor. She faces the shower wall with her back towards Tom. The tub filled with the dark water from the Cheyenne River.

“Sarah?” Tom stated opening the bathroom door.

Sarah didn’t respond, she lifted her arm and waved her hand in a forward motion telling Tom to come here, Tom stepping his foot into the bathroom, when suddenly Sarah dives into the tub. Tom reaching after her screams “SARAH!!!!” and he fell towards the tub, his eyes open and he realized he actually falling off the balcony of the Motel 5. A loud thud to the ground, Tom was dead.

Reporters early that morning asked other visitors what happened. The reporter said one of the tenants saw him aimlessly jump off the balcony. Some said moments after the incident they saw a strange woman come out of his room wearing a white dress.




“These days are long and tedious, the hot day is melting the soles of my feet,” stated Claire. Claire walking along the crooked sidewalk to class notices dread and remorse waiting at the door. The two dark colored figures stood with eyes blacker than tar. These figures replicate Claire’s soul.  For she only knows how to be evil. Claire loves walking into her school. Entering into a room more like a cemetery. The desks are headstones engraved with date. The date is unknown whether it be death or life.

“Good morning class” stated the professor.

The professor, thin with sunken eyes, thick scaly skin, and darken teeth.

“Today’s lesson will be how to wreck your soul” he announced

“All it takes is a little effort,”

“You don’t need to be nice. You should feel no remorse for killing a loved one or close friend. “That there my friend gets the blood boiling.”

“However, only one individual in this room will do such a thing”

The entire class laughs at the professor. This school is meant for those individuals seeking enlightenment in carnage. Claire now believes that this school is not bad. This is a school for the grim reapers. She can settle for destroying nature’s rhythm. After an hour in class Claire has made her mind up to kill her mom, dad and baby sister. Maybe Claire shouldn’t have come to this school but it’s the only school for her kind. After school Claire goes to the store to get some supplies for the fascinating night she is about to have with her family. Little do they know their terrible fate but Claire could care less. Claire checks her list: bat, poison, a knife, and large garbage bags.Walking home Claire is more than excited to start the tormenting. Approaching the doorsteps of 1616 blade lane, Claire walks in the door, and place her items neatly on the countertop. Her mom and the baby are going to come home first. She is happy because they are the easiest target. She goes upstairs and places the bat in the bathroom.  By that time her mom is walking in the house.

“Hi Claire” stated her mom.

Claire went silent and said “mom the bathroom shower isn’t working… can you help?”

“Oh Claire that’s a job for your dad, but I can try.”

Walking up the steps both Claire and her mom enter the bathroom. For a slight moment Claire hesitates, but remembers this is what she wants to do.   Claire’s mom bends down to observe the drain, when suddenly Claire comes crashing across her mom head with the wooden bat. Her mom falls unconscious. Claire then began filling the tub with water, and stabs her mother repeatedly until she looks like a tenderized lamb chop. Her little sister is downstairs crying. The crying baby is no match for Claire bare hands. Grabbing the baby by the legs and swinging it round and round. Claire the whole time is singing,

“Die baby Die, I won’t wipe your weeping eyes!!”

Claire is now ready for her dad to meet his fate. Claire’s father comes in through the side door and calls for her mom.


Claire tells her dad that mom isn’t here. Claire offers her father some juice. He takes the juice and after a minute he starts to gag. His veins an inch thick off his head. He falls and Claire makes her move. She takes the knife and decapitates her father’s head. She chops off all his limbs as if he she is in the slaughter house. Satisfied with the killings Claire takes three bags and put the remaining body parts in a bag.

The next night Claire throws the bag in the Muddy River, no tears or remorse. Claire kept the hearts of her family members as trophies.

This is the start of a new beginning smiled Claire, squeezing her baby sister heart in her hand.

The next day of school…

“Professor Slain, I have a story I would like to share.”

“Sure go ahead.”

“My family is dead, and I did it.”


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