Haint Blue

In a few hours, our lives are going to change forever. We are taking the big move from Raleigh to Elizabeth City, North Carolina. Mohammed had found a better job position, so it was time for me to become a stay at home wife. This would be the perfect opportunity to blog the family ventures in the new place. Packing the last box into the car, I felt sad that this would be a goodbye to what we had in the city. Mohammed carries the box to the car, while I got our cat Luna, and son Josiah. On the road we go, as we pull of in our suburban truck.

The drive felt like ages, I was wondering when we would get to our new home in the country. Before I could even ask, Mohammed were we there yet? We pulled into a long dirt road and for about half a mile it stood. This was the most beautiful home I had seen in a while. The opened fields that surrounded place made us feel like we had gone into recluse from civilization.

“Well, we are here darling our new home.”

“Oh, wow this is such a beautiful place, I wonder who could have possibly given it up so quickly.”

I didn’t know from that moment forth my life would be changed forever. Before unpacking the car, we decide to take a small tour of the place to get a feel for it. I grab the knob and turn it hoping to see a beautiful interior space, however it was the complete opposite. It looks as if the previous owner was in a rush to get out. There were dishes, furniture, and what looked like books that no one hadn’t touched in years. What caught our attention more about the place was the hideous blue tape that seemed to stretch across the walls.  All I could think about was why was there tape everywhere? As we continued our tour of the house we made our way upstairs to the bathroom, and bedrooms.  I thought for sure the blue tape was a coincidence, but it followed our warm bodies up the steps and into all rooms of the home. We walked into the bathroom and noticed something very odd. The bathroom mirror had been removed. Now, why would they do that I thought. It got even stranger, we took notice that the light switches had been covered up by the tape itself.  Mohammed and I both looked at each other in a confusing manner.

“Hey, look at this Mohammed, I think it’s an attic? I don’t understand why it is all taped up.”

“Yes, that is strange, but must be some reason, maybe it is broke,”

I wanted to know what this tape was hiding. I stood on the table and ripped each sides of the tape and to my surprise there wasn’t nothing wrong with the attic. I thought it was something up there that maybe the previous owners wanted to hide. I stick my head inside far enough to see what was there, nothing but filth.

“Alright there is nothing up here Mohammed just rubbish that can be thrown away.”

As Mohammed and I turned and walked away I got a strange feeling that something was watching me. I didn’t pay it any mind just brushed it off. We eventually moved in far enough to where we could sleep for the night and be comfortable. However, Mohammed job called for him to work late tonight, so I would be home by myself.

Sitting on the living room couch, I didn’t find comfort. It wasn’t so much the couch but the energy being let off from the house. I really wanted that blue paint off the walls. I was getting tired and wanted to go to bed. I needed company, so I call for my cat Luna. When I would call for Luna she would not come, but meow and stare up the steps. I tried picking her up, but she crawled herself away from me. I go upstairs and lay in the bed, and eventually fall asleep. It’s about three in the morning, and I awake for some water. I sit up in my bed only to see that there is a shadow figure at the end of my bed. I noticed that my phone had ten missed calls from Mohammed. The last thing Mohammed sent me was to get out of the house because it was being set on fire.  The previous owners still owned the land but, they needed a new body for one of their relatives who was on their deathbed. Not even a night in this house, and I’m already dead. The blue tape had trapped me in the house of old Voodoo.




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