The Hand

A young Sarah was digging in her backyard near a ditch, when she noticed a hand. Sarah analyzed the hand then tried to pick it up, but it was attached to something maybe a root.  A big pull and finally the hand detached from the ground. There was a slight mumble, but Sarah paid no attention. She skipped away happy as could be.

Sarah walked into her house waving the hand around. Her mother looked at her and said, “Oh what a nice hand, maybe we could fry it up.” The mom looked around in the kitchen for seasonings to for dinner. “Whose got a taste for garlic flavored fingers?” Everyone in the house shouted, “I do!” That night the mother split the crunchy fingers among everyone.  Each member gnawing at the greasy meat until bone appeared. “Oh, honey that was the best set of fingers I’ve had in a while. We’ve got to let Sarah go out more. Everyone did the dishes and went to bed. Sarah fell asleep within a few minutes. But in the wee hours of the night a sound awakened her. It something out on the sidewalk in front of her house. It was voice groaning and calling Sarah’s name. Frightened, Sarah pulled the sheets over her head.  She thought this would protect and hide her from whatever was outside. The groans continued.  Sarah is in bed shaking, while repeating “go away, go away, go away.” This all a bad dream, so Sarah thought. I’m going to wake up and this will be all over.

Then suddenly a Sarah hears a crash, as the window from what sounds like the living break. There was a thud, and whatever it was called for Sarah. Terror paralyzed her, as the footsteps got closer to her door. As the door opened, there it stood a half rotten corpse. The returning of the dead.

The corpse stood there as Sarah hand an idea of what it wanted. The hand that her and her family consumed earlier for dinner to fulfill their cannibalistic ways. The body slowly walked its way over to Sarah. Sarah couldn’t move she was shocked, and stench of the rotting flesh burned the insides of her nose. The face of the corpse just inches away stated, “you took what was mine, now you must pay.” And then it bites down in the skull of Sarah, exposing her brains. Blood pours down the side of her face, and the corpse enjoys every taste of it. Large and small brain bits that he swallows whole. Her eyes widen. She fell back onto her pillow as the corpse continued its feast.

The next morning when Sarah’s mom called to her for breakfast, she found Sarah’s body, shredded and organs exposed, with half of her brains head gone. The hand that Sarah feasted upon belonged to the previous owner of the land that hand been buried on the property. He too was a cannibal and would come to feast on the family of the property. His hand was a way to get entrance into the home.


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